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  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Point-and-click
Released on 08 August 2018

86 Good

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A demon possessed you one year ago. Since that day, you unwillingly tore a trail of bloodshed through New York City. Your salvation comes in the form of the Unavowed – an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil. You are free, but your world is in tatters. You have no home, no friends, and are wanted by the police. Your old life is gone, but perhaps you can start a new one. Join the ranks of the Unavowed, and fight against the oncoming darkness.

Game Features

Developer(s) Wadjet eye games, wadjet eye games
Released date 08 August 2018
Publisher(s) Wadjet eye games, wadjet eye games
Mode(s) Single player
Theme(s) Science fiction, fantasy
Classification ESRB Teen

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