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  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Puzzle
Released on 2024

75 Good

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Life on Tiny Planet was calm and carefree until a great disaster occurred - Tiny Planet was hit by a meteor! The world fell apart and now its future depends only on you! Use your imagination and creativity: in order to restore Tiny Planet and help its inhabitants you will have to fix a variety of machines and mechanisms as well as solve puzzles in each of the five chapters of this game. Navigation is simple and intuitive. It doesn't distract you from the witty brain teasers, and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the game. There is no text in this game. It is fun for all ages and suitable for the whole family.

Game Features

Developer(s) Colibri games
Released date 2024
Publisher(s) Colibri games
Mode(s) Single player

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