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  • Adventure
  • Real Time Strategy (RTS)
  • Role-playing (RPG)
  • Strategy
Released on 2024

60 Passable

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Loot, level and build with fast paced RPG combat and strategic base building. Can you build a vibrant settlement, lead your people to prosperity, and tame the wild Hinterland. A variety of characters, weapons, and strategies are at your disposal -- will you lead the charge with a devastating two-handed strike, or stand behind the herder in plate mail with your trusty bow? Choose your settlers from a huge cast of characters and arm them for defense, or give them tools for production. Each game of Hinterland takes place in a new location with different resources, items, and challenges. Different challenges feature a range of enemies, including orc war camps, dark elf raiding parties, goblin infested mines, ruined cities filled with undead, and more.

Game Features

Developer(s) Tilted mill entertainment, inc.
Released date 2024
Publisher(s) Tilted mill entertainment, inc.
Mode(s) Single player
Average beat time 3 Hours

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