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Buy  Deadlock II: Shrine Wars

  • Strategy
  • Tactical
  • Turn-based strategy (TBS)
Released on 28 February 1998

Ancient and mysterious Shrines have revealed the location of an extinct alien home world. Discovered in the aftermath of the Gallius IV war, these Shrines unlock the most powerful technology in the Universe. Now, seven interstellar empires race across the galaxy to conquer this one planet and gain the secret power of the ancient civilization.

60 Passable

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Deadlock II: Shrine Wars is an exciting game of strategy, resource management and military conquest. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses - learn to exploit them to your advantage. Build, trade, research, attack, as you search for the... Read more

Game Features

Developer(s) Cyberlore studios
Released date 28 February 1998
Publisher(s) Retroism, accolade
Mode(s) Single player
Theme(s) Science fiction, 4x (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate)

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