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  • Indie
  • Role-playing (RPG)
Released on 31 December 2022

Charlie Gray was at the top of the world. A talented engineer and European astronaut, her career had brought her to where most people could only dream of; but following a reentry to earth gone wrong, and the traumatic events that ensued, Charlie returns a broken spirit. With her life spiraling into darker and darker places, Charlie now finds herself Isolated in a deserted, defragmented world. The only thing she knows is that she has to find the one thing that still matters: Sammy. Analyze your surroundings and utilize the urban resources at your disposal. Mundane, everyday items can become an invaluable tool in your fight against the enigmatic beings that now occupy the city. Study alien weaknesses and find the best approach to take down those that might want to use you as an offering. What form does humanity take when faced with unimaginable events? Do we unite and become stronger, or do we fall apart? Does our past still shape us, or do we find strength in focusing on what could be? Aftermath delves deeply into philosophical, psychological and other questions that might get asked if we find ourselves in an impossible situation.

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In Aftermath, players follow Charlie's journey through an unfamiliar European city, searching for her daughter and fighting not only an unearthly presence, but also her own demons.

Game Features

Developer(s) One-o-one games
Released date 31 December 2022
Publisher(s) Meta publishing
Mode(s) Single player
Theme(s) Science fiction, action, horror, survival, stealth, open world
Classification ESRB Rating pending

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