Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



In which countries is VGA available?

For now, VGA is only available in the United States and France. More countries will be announced and made available shorty.

Can I change the display language on VGA?

With VGA you can find out about games that are available in your local market. You can change countries at any time by clicking on the flag icon on the top right of the website. This will automatically translate the site’s content into your country’s main language.



How may I get in touch with someone at VGA?

The VGA Discord server is your one-stop shop for communicating with the team. If you notice an issue with the site, have a problem you need help with or simply want to say hi, our server is right this way: VGA (Video Games Access) (discord.com).


Displayed data

Why are some stores missing on VGA?

We wish to make VGA a safe place to find and purchase games. This is why we have purposefully omitted any grey market game platforms which offer to buy game keys from third parties or individuals to avoid any dodgy transactions and remove any possibility of getting scammed.

Only stores which are approved and officially recognised as legal platforms to purchase and play games by game developers are included in VGA.

We are committed to helping all game developers and publishers from across the globe grow their games and reach larger audiences by creating a safe and welcoming environment for our users to find and purchase games at the best prices.

Why aren’t all the official stores available on VGA yet?

To offer you the best possible experience, the VGA team carries out a whole host of manual checks before integrating a new official store, and while our goal is to display all the available stores for any given country, our teams are still working on integrating many of them. Here is a list of some of the stores that will soon be available on VGA:

Google Stadia



Microsoft Store

And many more!

Why can’t I find my game on VGA?

Here are the most likely reasons you can’t find a game on VGA:

The game you are looking for isn’t available to play yet (unreleased, preorder…);

Your game isn’t referenced by our partner IGDB.com in their database;

You have misspelt the game in our search bar.

Why is some information (like free games) available on other sites but not on VGA?

The information displayed on VGA is taken from official game websites, either from individual pages or directly from those websites’ APIs. Sometimes we need to wait for certain data to be provided to us. If you notice that some data has been missing for a while, please get in touch via our Discord server to help us improve our services.

How does the filter by rating feature work?

The press and user scores displayed on VGA are taken from IGDB.com which uses its own bespoke system to give each game a fair rating.